Patchouli leaf cut

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Patchouli leaf cut, is a dried fragrance plant product. Use for example in homemade potpourri or as a raw material for perfume.


Patchouli leaf has basically the same scent as the essential oil: warm, earthy, spicy. It can be used unaltered in potpouri. Making it smaller in a mortar can help with processing, for example when used in incense or sachets.

You can make a tincture with pure alcohol 96%, or another alcohol base. Take a well-sealed jar, fill it with leaves and pour alcohol to the brim. Close tightly and let it sit in the dark. Shake regularly. Leave for at least a month, longer is usually better.

The tincture can be used in cosmetics such as perfume or aftershave. For commercial use: remember that homemade tincture is a special fragrance about which little is known. Always consult with your cosmetic chemist.

De Hekserij does not sell substances intended for use in foodstuffs or other internal use. Therefore, do not use this product for preparing food. It is also not intended for other internal use.


Patchouli leaf cut is a natural product that is usually collected in the traditional way, although agricultural mechanization has made its appearance. It can therefore contain up to a few percent of contaminants such as sand, twigs, but sometimes also parts of previously used packaging.

Patchouli (patchouly, patchouli) is an herb that looks a bit like mint. Originally from Southeast Asia, it is now grown in several tropical countries. The largest producer for the world market is Indonesia, especially in Sulawesi and to a lesser extent in Sumatra, the herb is grown.

Patchouli became known in Europe in the early 19th century as the scent of silk scarves from India. European scarf manufacturers wanted to imitate this scent and had it figured out where it came from. Perfumers wanted to use the scent in their products and had the herb made into an essential oil that has been on the market since about 1850. Virtually all cultivated patchouli leaf is used to make essential oil.


We pack the sheets in sealed plastic bags. This keeps the contents dry and the scent does not dissipate too quickly.


Unprocessed dried plant parts are not subject to the REACH/CLP legislation. An extract, like a tincture, is!

The fact that there is an exemption does not mean that you can assume that it is a harmless product. Be aware of possible skin and eye irritation. It can naturally contain allergenic substances and even though it is a natural product, it can still cause environmental damage.


Item number: 26106
Dutch name: Patchouliblad gesneden
Botanical:  Pogostemon cablin (Blank) Benth.


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