Benzoin Siam resin

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"This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Benzoin Siam resin is a natural resin. For use in fragrance products such as incense, or after processing as a raw material for cosmetics.


Benzoin Siam resin has a warm, spicy sweet scent. It can be used unaltered in products such as potpourri, sachets and frankincense. Making it smaller in, for example, a mortar or mortar can help with processing. You can make a tincture with pure alcohol 96%, but also with cosmetic hair water. A good starting point is 40 grams of resin in 100 ml of alcohol. Let it steep in the dark in a tightly closed bottle or jar. Shake regularly. Leave for at least a month, longer is usually better. Use the tincture in cosmetics such as perfume or aftershave. For commercial use: remember that homemade tincture is a special fragrance about which little is known. Therefore, always consult with your cosmetic chemist.


Benzoin Siam resin is a white-yellow to red-brown resin at room temperature. We deliver this in pieces of unequal size: centimeters long to fine powder. It is a natural product that is extracted and collected in the traditional way. It can therefore contain up to 10% contaminants such as sand, wood, but also parts of previously used packaging. The resin has a fairly long shelf life. Because the resin is extracted in the wild, it can come from multiple types of plants. Usually we refer to the botanical source with one name, in this case Styrax tonkinensis Craib ex Hartwich. This is the Thai benzoin tree.


We pack this resin in sealed plastic bags.


Unprocessed natural resins are not subject to REACH/CLP legislation. An extract, like a tincture, does! The fact that there is an exemption does not mean that you can assume that it is a harmless product. Be aware of possible skin and eye irritation. It can naturally contain allergenic substances and even though it is a natural product, it can still cause environmental damage.


Item number: 26101 English name: Benzoin Siam resin"


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