Ambrarome (Syn)

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Ambrarome (Syn) is a fragrance base for use in, for example, perfume, cosmetics, soap, candles and air fresheners.


Please read all information below and the general product information before purchasing. Not intended for use in food, vape liquids or other internal use. Intended to be mixed with other fragrances: on its own the scent can be dull or even unpleasant. Do not use undiluted on the skin: it is a raw material, not a finished product.


Ambrarome (Syn) has an animalic scent reminiscent of ambergris. The scent is quite strong, so making a dilution of, for example, 10% can be useful. Suitable solvents are TEC and IPM. It is a versatile product and can be used in chypre, wood scents, tobacco or leather. It combines very well with red fruit and heavy rose scents. In classic formulations it can be used to replace ambergris, it is not quite the same but shares many of the aspects. You usually use between 0,1% and 2% of this substance in the fragrance composition. It adds animalic warmth and depth to the scent. In perfumes it is mainly a base note, it is stable in most products, including soaps, candles, even bleach. Store in a cool, dry, dark place and out of the reach of children.


Ambrarome (Syn) is a dark, more or less brown, viscous liquid or paste at room temperature. It is a mixture of various substances, based on chemically processed labdanum. It is therefore largely based on vegetable raw materials. The manufacturer is the French Synarome, which developed the product almost a century ago and still makes it.


The 10 and 50 ml packaging is made of brown glass with a black cap. The 250 g package is made of aluminium with a white cap. Closing is always with regular caps, for dosing small quantities we recommend the use of plastic pipettes.


This fragrance is made from renewable raw materials. The degradability in the environment is reasonable.


Ambrarome (Syn) is not classified as a hazardous substance. We still recommend that you handle all substances with care: keep out of the reach of children.


Item number: 25012 Dutch name: Ambrarome (Syn) INCI: PERFUME


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g