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EO Sandalwood white

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EO Sandalwood white is an essential oil that is made by steam distillation from the wood of the real sandalwood tree, white sandalwood tree, Indian sandalwood tree, or Santalum album L.. The oil comes from India. It took some effort to find good oil from a reliable supplier. Due to bad future policy, the supply of real Indian sandalwood oil has become less and less over time, the demand has only increased. Because the oil is only made from older trees, this situation will not improve for the time being. As a result, most sandalwood oil on the market is not the real Santalum album. That can be amyris oil, such as we also sell, this oil has a very different smell, or better: there are some similarities in smell. However, the price is considerably lower. There are oils from several other Santalum species, each with their own qualities, but it is not the real original Indian sandalwood oil. However, the vast majority of 'sandalwood oil' is wholly or largely fake and mostly synthetic. That is why we have long been hesitant with this product, but we do have confidence in this oil. In English sandalwood is called sandalwood, in German Sandelholz and in French santal, with or without the additions for white or Indian.

It is an expensive oil that we therefore sell by weight, even if it is a liquid product. The shelf life is very long.

Indication of the composition:
>25 % - alpha Santalol
10-25% - beta Santalol
2-5% - alpha Bergamotol, alpha Santalal, epi beta Santalol
1-2 % - Lanceol, beta Santaleen, Spirosantalol

White sandalwood essential oil has a not very strong, sweet, warm wood scent with lactonic (coconut-like) aspects and is mainly a base note. It is very versatile in perfumes: classic, modern, ladies, gentlemen and everything in between. It goes great with floral scents, in ambers, spicy scents and much more. It can be a big part of a gur composition without any problem. It is stable in soap, but is rarely used because of its high price.

Our EO sandalwood white is a pure natural essential oil.

Like many essential oils, sandalwood oil is allergenic and environmentally hazardous. Even so, it is a relatively safe essential oil.


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