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Corn mint is a relative of peppermint. Sometimes the cheaper Corn mint oil is sold as peppermint oil, but the botanical origin is slightly different, the Corn mint oil comes from the Mentha arvensis Unlike peppermint, Corn mint is a natural, non-hybrid variety, the oil is slightly softer than that of peppermint. The oil is made from organic grown plants.

The English name is corn mint (also called field mint or wild mint), the French name is menthe des champs, the German name is ackerminze.

Indication of the composition:
> 25% - L-Menthol
10-25% - Menthon
5-10 % - Limonene, Isomenthon
2-5% - Menthyl Acetate
1-2 % - L-Carvone, Isopulegol, Pulegon

Corn mint is not widely used in perfumery, but is a top note in such cases. The scent is pungently fresh and is mainly determined by the menthol. Peppermint is widely used in candy and toothpaste, it is also cooling due to the high proportion of menthol.
Corn mint is not an easy scent, but goes well with rosemary and lemon. In soap it can give some freshness in small amounts but is a difficult fragrance.

Nothing has been added to the oil, however, Corn mint oil sold in Europe is almost always processed, ours too.
This operation is as follows: some of the menthol is removed from the oil (sold separately), the remaining oil is rectified again, removing some more of the constituents. The reasons for this are that the menthol obtained in this way sells better than Corn mint oil, that there are certain standards that require it otherwise it may not be used for certain applications, but mainly because Corn mint oil would crystallize in our colder European climate. So you can see very well how pure and natural your Corn mint oil is, put it away cold, at 15 ° Celsius is cold enough, part of the content crystallizes: then it may be pure natural and unprocessed Corn mint oil, but by far most oil is processed as described above.

Corn mint oil is irritating to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Contact with the eyes can cause irreversible eye damage. Swallowing can cause lung damage. Corn mint oil contains limonene, a substance to which some people have an allergic reaction.

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