Rosemary extract AO (org)

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Rosemary Extract AO (org) is a natural, organic antioxidant for cosmetics such as massage oil.


Rosemary extract AO (org) can be used in oil or fat-based cosmetics such as ointments, oil perfumes and massage oil. In emulsions it can be added to the fat phase. It can be used in alcoholic products as long as the dosage is low.

This organic rosemary extract is a special extract of rosemary leaves with strong antioxidant properties. It can be used as an antioxidant in oily, alcohol or oil-based oily cosmetics and perfumes. Use about 0.1-0.5% in the final product. If this end product contains a lot of oxidation sensitive substances, for example borage oil or other polyunsaturated oil, sit on the high side.

Simply mix it with the oil, or melt it together with fats and waxes. Try to keep the temperature as low as possible.

De Hekserij does not sell products intended for use in foodstuffs or for other internal use. This product is NOT an exception.


Rosemary Extract AO (org) is a dark brown, viscous liquid at room temperature. It contains about 14% substances with an antioxidant effect. The product has a distinctive rosemary scent. Of course, this smell influences the smell of the product, including perfumes. The sunflower seeds and rosemary used are organically grown.

Please note: when making this extract, special attention was paid to its antioxidant properties. Other rosemary extracts do not necessarily have this effect or to a much lesser extent.


It is made by extracting organically grown rosemary leaves with natural carbon dioxide. The extract thus obtained is strengthened with organic sunflower oil. It is completely biodegradable in the environment.


The 10 and 50 ml packaging consists of a brown glass bottle with a black plastic (PP) closure. The 250 g pack consists of an aluminum bottle with stopper and cap.


Rosemary extract AO (org) is not classified as a hazardous substance. We also recommend that you handle all substances with care: keep out of the reach of children.


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10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g
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