CO2 Juniper berry *ADR*

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CO2 Juniper berry is a natural aroma material for use in perfumes, for example.


CO2 Juniper berry has a green spicy coniferous scent with amber aspects. The smell is medium strong and the product does not need to be diluted before use. It fits perfectly in fougère scents, but also in scents where amber is combined with green, fresh scents. It is traditionally used often in men's fragrances and aftershaves, but that is a matter of taste. In perfumes and similar products, CO2 juniper berry is a top to heart note. Use in soap is possible, stability is reasonable. Aromatherapy: We do not provide advice on aromatherapy as opinions differ widely on this point. We do, however, advise not to use the extract undiluted on the skin. Store cool, dry and out of the reach of children.


CO2 juniper berry is a CO2 extract made from juniper berries by means of extraction with carbonic acid under high pressure. It is made from the berries of the juniper, or Juniperus communis L. To make 1 kg of extract, approximately 60 kg of juniper berries are needed. Juniper is also found in the Netherlands and Belgium, but is usually quite rare. In contrast, juniper is very common in the Balkans. It is a coniferous tree, or rather shrub, and they rarely grow taller than about 5 meters. We have not added an antioxidant to the extract. Because the extract naturally contains many oxygen-sensitive substances, it may be wise to add an antioxidant to the extract, or else to the product in which it is used. In particular, 0.1% BHT is recommended for the extract as an antioxidant. Without an antioxidant, the extract can partially oxidize after being exposed to the air for a long time, making it more allergenic. Indication of the composition: 25% - alpha Pinene 10-25% - Germacreen D, beta Myrcene, Sabinene 2-5% - beta Caryophylene, Limonene 1-2% Beta Farnesene, Humulene, Beta Pinene CO2 juniper berry is a natural product: the exact composition of the extract therefore differs each time. This depends on things such as the region of origin, the age of the plants. But the weather during the growing season and other factors also play a role.

CO2 extracts

CO2 extracts are a relatively new extraction method. This method is used to extract certain substances, including aroma materials, from raw material. Plant parts are treated with liquefied carbon dioxide under high pressure. Some of the substances dissolve in this liquid carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is filtered and brought under normal pressure and temperature. In this process, the carbonic acid becomes gaseous and evaporates from the residue. This residue is the CO2 extract. An advantage of CO2 extraction over other extraction methods is that no high temperature is required, so that the substances are not damaged by the high temperature. Moreover, no water is used, so that substances are not damaged by water and no dangerous solvents are used, so if there is anything left in the extract is harmless carbon dioxide, which also occurs naturally in the air.


5 gram packaging: brown glass bottle with child-resistant closure, in a plastic bag. The bottle is not completely filled. 20 gram packaging: aluminum bottle. The child-resistant closure works like most: push the cap down so that the tabs on the top engage with those on the part and gently unscrew the cap. If you turn without first pushing properly, the cap may fail. Protective gas packaging, which evaporates after the first opening.


Legally (REACH / CLP) CO2 juniper berry is classified as a dangerous substance, with the following characteristics: WARNING H226 - Flammable liquid and vapor. H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction. H319 - Causes serious eye irritation. H411 ??- Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. CO2 juniper berry contains the following allergens: geraniol, limonene (limonene) and linalool. This product is shipped as an ADR shipment (dangerous goods). This has consequences for the options for collection at a DHL Service point and for return shipping. See also: ADR shipments.


Article number: 22102 English name: CO2 Juniper berry French name: CO2 Baies genévrier German name: CO2 Wacholder bear EC number: 283-268-3 CAS number: 84603-69-0 INCI: Juniper Communis Fruit Extract


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