CO2 Chamomile flower

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. CO2 chamomile flowers is a CO2 extract made from chamomile flowers by means of high pressure carbonation extraction. CO2 extracts (we leave the 2 of CO2 further but a little higher than it should actually be) are made with a relatively new method for extracting certain substances, including fragrances, from raw materials. Plant parts are treated with liquefied carbon dioxide under high pressure. Some of the substances dissolve in this liquid carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is filtered and brought under normal pressure and temperature. The carbon dioxide becomes gaseous and evaporates from the residue. This residue is the CO2 extract. An advantage of CO2 extraction over other extraction methods is that no high temperature is required, so that the substances are not damaged by the high temperature, no water, so that substances are not damaged by water and no hazardous solvents, so if there is already some left in the extract is the harmless carbon dioxide, which occurs naturally in the air CO2 chamomile flowers are made from the flowers of the real chamomile, or Matricaria chamomilla, L., also called Chamomilla recutita L.. To make 1 kg of extract, approximately 23 kg of chamomile flowers. CO2 chamomile flowers can be used for perfuming cosmetics or as a fragrance in perfumes and other fragrance products. Some aromatherapists use CO2 extracts, as long as this is done carefully and externally, our extract is suitable for that. Use in an aroma lamp is possible, provided the extract is used in a sufficiently filled container with water, otherwise a fire may occur. In addition, CO2 chamomile flowers are used as a plant active ingredient in cosmetics. It contains about 25% alpha bisabolol, a substance that we also sell 'single', but the CO2 extract contains more substances that may have an effect on the skin, such as chamazulene and is less processed, so you could call it more natural. When used as an 'active' in cosmetics, the anti-inflammatory effect in particular can be mentioned, so very suitable in products for acne or blemished skin. Real chamomile is common in the Netherlands and Belgium. You see them on bare pieces of ground, among other things, it is a plant that needs little. The English name for real chamomile is german chamomile, the French camomille sauvage and the German real chamomile. As INCI name you can choose Chamolilla Recutita Flower Extract or, if it is part of the perfume: Perfume or Aroma. General use: CO2 chamomile flowers do not contain any of the usual allergens. The substance is relatively insensitive to oxygen, so it is not really necessary to add an antioxidant. The substance is solid at room temperature, gently heating in a water bath until melted is the most convenient way to process the substance, it melts at a fairly low temperature. Perfuming cosmetics, perfumes and other fragrance products: the maximum amount we recommend depends on other added fragrances, the sensitivity of the user, but above all on the product to be perfumed. - Face creams and other products that remain on the normally exposed skin: maximum 0.2%, that is about 4 drops per 100 grams of product. - Body creams, massage oil and other products that remain on the parts of the body normally covered by clothes: a maximum of 0.5%, that is about 10 drops per 100 grams of product. - Shampoo, soap and other products that are rinsed off: maximum 1%, which is about 20 drops per 100 grams of product. - Perfume and other cosmetic fragrance products: maximum 10%. - Room perfumes, scented candles and other fragrance products that are not cosmetics: maximum 30%. There is no legal limitation on the maximum amount of CO2 chamomile flowers to be used in cosmetics. The IFRA currently has no specific restrictions for CO2 chamomile flowers. In perfumes and similar products, CO2 chamomile flowers is top to heart note. It gives a special, bitter-green, spicy note, with its own character. Use in soap is possible, the stability is quite good, but there is a risk of discoloration. Aromatherapy: We do not provide advice on aromatherapy, as opinions vary widely on this point. We do, however, advise not to use the extract undiluted on the skin. Indication of the composition: > 25% - alpha Bisabolol 10-25% - Bisabolol Oxide, Chamazulene, beta Farnesene 2-5% - Z-ene-yne-dicycloether 1-2% - Bisabolone Oxide, Matrizine CO2 chamomile flowers is a natural product, the exact composition of the extract therefore differs each time, this depends on the region of origin, the age of the plants, the weather during the growing season and a few other factors. Packaging: we deliver this standard in 5 and 20 gram packaging. 5 gram packaging: brown glass bottle with closure. 20 gram packaging: brown glass bottle with closure. The bottle is NOT completely filled, because of practical aspects we have opted for this somewhat spacious packaging. Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place in the tightly closed original container in a well-ventilated area. DO NOT refrigerate. Keep out of reach of children. Legally (REACH/CLP) CO2 chamomile flowers are NOT classified as a hazardous substance. The following numbers are important for identification: CAS Number: 84082-60-0 EC number: 282-006-5


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