Rosalva (IFF)

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors.Rosalva (IFF) is a rose scented fragrance, it is a brand name of IFF. Other names for this substance are Trepanol, the same molecule, but from KAO or one of the variants of the chemical name, such as 9-decen-1-ol, w-decenol or omega decenol. Rosalva is a colorless liquid, the smell of which is a greasy rose scent with aldehyde aspects. It provides an excellent and very stable aldehyde fragrance which is particularly suitable for use in rose fragrances. The substance can also be used more widely, the substance also fits well in green scents. It is mainly a heart note in perfumes. Rosalva (IFF) is a very stable fragrance, suitable for all common products, including soaps, candles and acidic products. It is better not to use it in bleach only. A dilution of 10-25% can be useful, Rosalva mixes with most common solvents. The substance is undiluted irritating to eyes and skin.


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g