Javanol (Giv)

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Javanol (Giv) is a synthetic fragrance that does not occur in nature. The brand name is from the Swiss Givaudan, the systematic name is awkwardly long, we therefore stick to Javanol.

Javanol (Giv)

Javanol (Giv) is a clear colorless liquid. The smell of Javanol is that of certain sandalwood aspects: creamy, woody, sweet and even a fruity floral. It lacks the harshness of many other sandalwood fragrances and is also present in low concentrations, you only need a little. The substance smells less undiluted than in dilution. Javanol (Giv) is used for the scent of sandalwood, as a rule in combination with other sandalwood fragrances, but this is not necessary: ??in molecule 04 from Escentric it is the only fragrance in the perfume. As a rule, no more than a few percent of the fragrance composition consists of Javanol, but a higher dose does not hurt. It is mainly a base note. Javanol is a very stable fragrance and can be used in almost all media, including soap. It is very easy to make a dilution, it dissolves in most common solvents, for example 10 or 20% in DPG. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children.


Javanol is classified under REACH/CLP as a hazardous substance with the following characteristics: H410 - Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


The English name is also Javanol. CAS number: 198404-98-7 Elinc's number: 427-900-1 FEMA number: 4776


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