Ionone beta

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Ionone beta is a variant of Ionone alpha. It occurs in limited quantities in nature, including in osmanthus absolue and champaca absolue. The smell of Ionone beta is not very strong, it can be used both diluted and pure in perfumes. The fragrance is liquid and has a scent reminiscent of iris, wood and berries. It is suitable in larger quantities in iris and violet accords. In smaller quantities in fruity accords (berries) and in fruity floral scents, for example rose. Goes well with wood and floral accords. The fragrance is very similar to that of Ionone alpha. This is partly due to the strong chemical relationship, which means that the beta variant can still contain up to about 25% alpha jonone. The main difference in scent is that the alpha version has more of the cedar aspect of ionone and the beta version much less, making the fruity aspect stronger. English names: ionone beta or vice versa: beta-ionone. Einec's number: 238-969-9 CAS number: 14901-07-6 FEMA number: 2595


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