Indol 10% in DPG

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Indol is a fragrance that we have been selling in its pure form for some time, now also ready-to-use in a 10% solution in DPG. Indol comes naturally occurring in various plant and animal products, it is made synthetically for use in perfumes and fragrance products.DPG is also a synthetic substance. Indole 10% in DPG is a liquid unlike pure indole. Immediately after making, the solution is colorless, but because indole reacts with itself (for chemists: it forms dimers) and the reaction product is colored, the solution quickly turns orange to brown. We use indole, BHT and dipropylene glycol for the production, see the descriptions of these substances for the individual data on purity. When mixing we use the following formulation:
  • Indole 100 g
  • BHT 1 g
  • DPG up to 1 kg
The indole content in making varies at most between 9.9-10.1% w/w. Indole in its pure state, and also in the 10% dilution, has a pronounced foul odor, but if not dosed too high, it adds a dimension to many compositions. Not only the 10% solution is colored orange to brown, everything that contains indole can discolour. Indole is an absolutely necessary background scent for floral scents such as jasmine and lilac, often 0.1-1% of the pure indole in the fragrance component is sufficient, occasionally a slightly higher dose can be used. It is a typical base note. It is advisable to further dilute part of the 10% solution of indole to 1%, simply add 9 grams of DPG to 1 gram of the solution. In this way, a low dosage can easily be used. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children. Indole 10% is not classified as a hazardous substance under REACH, but indole in its pure form does fall under REACH, always be careful with the use and storage of fragrances. Mixtures do not have their own CAS, EINECS or FEMA number, see the individual components for more information."


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