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Hedione HC (Fir)

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Hedione® is a very widely used synthetic fragrance. Hedione HC is a variant of Hedione. Like Hedione, Hedione HC is a product of Firmenich. The suffix HC means High Cis, it means that Hedione HC contains more of the so-called cis isomer than the common Hedione. This cis isomer is very important for both odor and odor strength. Hedione HC is therefore much more powerful than Hedione. Hedione HC is a colorless liquid, the purity is at least 95%. The smell of Hedione HC is similar to Hedione: jasmine, magnolia with some vanilla, but more powerful. As with Hedione, maturation of the perfume it contains is very important and the effect that the fragrance gives in the end result is more important than the scent itself. The application is wide: almost all compositions with jasmine, magnolia, lily of the valley and similar floral scents will benefit from some Hedione HC, as will many others by the way. Like Hedione, Hedione HC is a base note, but the influence is already noticeable in the top and certainly also the heart. Hedione HC is a very easy to process liquid, often used in a larger amount in a perfume, typically 2-5% of the fragrance component, but less or more is not a problem. It is a fairly stable fragrance, except for the pH, it can only be used in pH neutral or slightly acidic products, such as perfumes, shampoo and shower gel. It is not sufficiently stable in soap. As a rule, making a dilution is not useful because you usually use quite a lot of it. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children. Hedione HC is not classified as a hazardous substance under REACH/CLP. An allergic reaction is not to be expected. The English name is also Hedione HC, or Methyl Dihydrojasmonate. CAS number: 24851-98-7 Einec's number: 246-495-9 FEMA number: 3408


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