Florhydral (Giv)

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"This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Florhydral® is a synthetic fragrance from Givaudan; chemically it is an aldehyde. A more systematic name is 3-(3-Isopropylphenyl)butanal. Fragrance is not or hardly occurs in nature. Florhydral is a clear to pale yellow liquid. The fragrance in pure form is a pungent fresh, floral, aldehyde / ozone scent. It is in theory a heart to base note, but due to the clear ozone / aldehyde aspect it will already clearly come through in the top in practice. Although you quickly think of lily-of-the-valley due to its scent and properties (and yes, it is certainly suitable for that), it also fits well in, for example, cyclamen, lily and hyacinth, or as a more general floraliser in a fresh and natural-looking composition. . However synthetic, compositions with Florhydral seem more natural. Despite the aldehyde character, it is quite stable and can therefore also be used in soap. It is not necessary to make a dilution, the smell is medium strong. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children. Florhydral is classified under the REACH/CLP regulation with the following characteristics: Warning H411 ??- Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. An allergic reaction is unlikely. Its English name is Florhydral or 3-(3-Isopropylphenyl)butanal CAS No: 125109-85-5 EC no: 412-050-4 FEMA No: none"


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g