Floralozone (IFF)

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"This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Floralozone (IFF) is a fragrance for use in, for example, perfume, cosmetics or air fresheners. Floralozone is a clear to pale yellow liquid. It has a very recognizable ozone-like pungent odor. It is mainly a heart note. Floralozone is probably used more for the effect than for the fragrance: it gives a 'lift' to a fragrance, ie it ensures that the fragrance immediately smells stronger than without the addition of Floralozone. It does not contribute much to the fragrance in low doses, but in higher doses it is a nice marine scent, associated with wind, water, clean laundry, fresh. As an effect substance a maximum of 2% is used in the concentrate, as a fragrance up to 10%. It can be used in acidic products, soaps and candles, but the stability is not great. It is a synthetic fragrance that hardly occurs in nature. It is not necessary to make a dilution, it does not dominate quickly and is often used in larger percentages. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children. Floralozone (IFF) has recently been reclassified as a hazardous substance under the REACH/CLP regulation. The new format provides the following features: WARNING H315 -  Causes skin irritation. H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction. H411 ??- Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. The English name is also Floralozone (IFF). CAS No: 67634-15-5 EC No: 266-819-2"


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g