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Ethyl vanillin

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Ethyl vanillin is a fragrance with a strong sweet vanilla scent, it is made synthetically from the naturally occurring substances vanillin and acetic acid. It itself does not occur in nature . Ethyl vanillin is a powdered substance, white to pale yellow, with a sweet vanilla odor. It is very similar to vanillin, but sweeter, as a rule of thumb it is often stated that you can use five times less ethyl vanillin than vanillin for a similar effect. Like vanillin, it is primarily a base note. Ethyl vanillin is used for ambers, exotic florals and fantasy scents. It is often used in soap instead of vanillin because it will not normally cause discoloration of the soap. The odor of ethyl vanillin is quite strong and it is powdered, so it is best used diluted in solution. A 25% solution in DPG is very useful in most cases, the same percentage in ethanol 96% is feasible. The solutions change color over time from colorless to orange-yellow. In both cases it may be necessary to heat in a water bath, take extra care with ethanol: it is flammable! In IPM it dissolves poorly. It does dissolve in most mixtures of fragrances, so can also be added neat to the other fragrances. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children. Ethyl vanillin is not a hazardous substance under REACH, normally it is not allergenic. The English name is Ethyl Vanillin. CAS number: 121-32-4 EINECS number: 204-464-7 FEMA number: 2464


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