Ethyl safranate

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Ethyl safranate is a synthetic fragrance that is wrongly little known. It can greatly improve the quality of various types of fragrance blends. Ethyl safranate has a scent reminiscent of berries, damascenone, tart apples, davana oil and the heavy, deep fruity aspect of roses. It combines the scent of rose with that of fruit (not those candy scents, but real fruit) and also has a splash of spice about it, which is why there is a reference to saffron in the name. To be used in rose, apple, fruit and spice scents. Ethyl safranate is efficient to use, you only need a little to enhance the depth and radiance of the perfume. It is a liquid that can be used neat or in dilution. Ethyl safranate is ideal for all alcohol-based perfumes, but is also stable in well-made soap (with a pH of up to 10). It is mainly a heart note. CAS Number: 35044-59-8 EC number: 252-335-9


5 g, 20 g, 50 g