Ethyl linalool

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Ethyl linalool is a synthetic version of linalool, which is not allergenic and can therefore be used as a (partial) replacement for linalool in fragrance compositions.

The fragrance strength of ethyl linalool is medium. Because it is a substance that will often be used in larger quantities, it is not really necessary to dilute the substance. The fragrance is liquid and has a scent that is directly reminiscent of linalool: a spicy floral scent as found in essential oils of rosewood, bergamot and lavender. It can be used in all places where linalool can be used, ie in almost all perfumes. The scent is slightly softer than linalool and the fragrance itself is not allergenic, so it is always wise to consider whether all or part of the linalool in a formulation can be replaced by ethyl linalool. It is slightly less top note and slightly more heart note than linalool. Like linalool, it is very stable in soap.

Einec's number: 233-732-6
CAS number: 10339-55-6
FEMA number: none


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g, 1 kg