cis-3-Hexenol *ADR*

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. cis-3-Hexenol, or better: cis-3-hexen-1-ol is a fragrance that became available since the early 1960s and immediately became popular A common name is leaf alcohol or in its English leaf alcohol.It is also the basis for esters with other green odors such as cis-3-hexenyl salicylate and cis-3-hexenyl acetate. cis-3-Hexenol is a liquid that is easy to process. You only need a little for a strong scent impression. Dilution is not necessary, but practical because of the intensity. The fragrance has the characteristic smell of freshly cut grass. Although it is a synthetic material, it gives a natural impression to most fragrance compositions. It complements a fresh citrus note, but is also a good component for the sepal aspect in green florals such as lily of the valley and lime blossom. This product is shipped as ADR shipment (Hazardous materials). This is not possible to all countries and has consequences for return shipment posibilities. Please refer to: ADR shipments. Einec's number: 213-192-8 CAS number: 928-96-1


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g