Calone 1951 (Fir) *ADR*

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Calone 1951 (Fir) is a fragrance molecule for use in, for example, perfume, cosmetics, soap and candles.


Before purchasing, read all the information below and the general product information.
Not intended for use in food, vape liquids or other internal use.
Intended to be mixed with other fragrances: on its own, the scent can be dull or even unpleasant.
Do not use undiluted on the skin: it is a raw material, not a finished product.
Will be sent as dangerous in transport (ADR), therefore it is probably not possible to return the item.


Calone 1951 (Fir) has a hard to describe scent that is reminiscent of algae, the sea, ozone, watermelon, open water. The smell is quite strong and it is a solid, powdery substance. Making a dilution of, for example, 10% in DPG, IPM or TEC can therefore be useful. Typical use is in marine accords, water scents and such more abstract, fresh scents. You usually use between 0,1% and 2% of this substance in the fragrance composition. It combines well with fresh floral scents such as lily of the valley and cyclamen, but also with cedar wood. In perfumes it is mainly a base note, it is stable in most products, including soap. In candles it gives off a good scent both in cold form and when burning.

Keep cool, dry, dark and out of the reach of children.


Calone 1951 (Fir) is a colourless to slightly yellow liquid at room temperature. The purity is at least 99% and the substance has a fairly long shelf life. It does not occur in nature, it is a synthetic substance. The manufacturer is Firmenich. While Fimenich, like all major fragrance manufacturers, does their utmost to make each batch smell as close as possible to the previous one, Calone 1951 is a difficult material at this point. There can be some variation, with one the daffodil aspect is more obvious, with another the watermelon aspect and with yet another the algae aspect.

Technical details

Density: 1,35
Logp: 1,95
Vapor pressure: 0,87 Pa
Melting point: 37,9 °C
Boiling point: 267 °C
Molar mass: 178


The 10 and 50 g packaging is made of brown plastic (PET) with a black, child-resistant cap. The 250 g packaging is made of aluminium. We do not have a suitable child-resistant closure for the 250 g packaging, which is why we do not supply this size to private customers.


This fragrance is (mainly) made from petrochemicals such as petroleum. The degradability in the environment is reasonable.


Calone 1951 (Fir) is classified as a hazardous substance, with the following characteristics:

H314 - Causes severe burns.
H318 - Causes serious eye damage.
H336 - May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

An allergic reaction to this substance is uncommon, but cannot be ruled out.


Article number: 23070
Dutch name: Calone 1951 (Fir)
EC number: 249-320-4
EU CAS number: 28940-11-6
CAS number TSCA: 28940-11-6
UN number: 1759


10 g, 50 g, 250 g NOT for private persons