Bornafix (IFF)

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Bornafix (IFF) is a fragrance that can be used in perfume, cosmetics, soap, scented candles and other fragrance products.

Bornafix is a liquid with an amber-like (cedar)wood scent, with aspects of conifer. It is exceptionally versatile, wherever amber and wood are in the base. Bornafix produces more amber than Vertofix coeur and more wood than Iso E Super. For the rest it is quite similar. The scent of Bornafix is not very strong or obtrusive, but it lasts for a long time and enhances the diffusion of many scents. As a rule, dilution is not necessary, it is ideal for use in larger quantities. It is very stable and can be used in soaps and candles, even in bleaches it is reasonable to use!

Manufacturer is IFF.

Bornafix (IFF) is a strong eye irritant and environmentally hazardous. It does not or hardly irritate the skin and it is also not allergenic.

Einec's number: 416-210-4
CAS number: 128119-70-0


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g