Auralva (IFF) aurantiol

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Auralva (IFF) aurantiol is a widely used classic fragrance. Auralva is an IFF brand name, aurantiol is a brand name of Givaudan. The latter name is better known, that's why we added it, but our product is made by IFF. We usually supply the IFF product, however if it is temporarily unavailable we supply the same molecule from another manufacturer under the name ""Aurantiol"". Auralva is a synthetic fragrance, it does not occur in nature. It is a so-called Schiff's base, a substance that is formed by the reaction of an anthranilate with an aldehyde. In this case methyl anthranilate and hydroxycitronellal. The smell of aurantiol is not very strong. It is liquid, but very viscous and can be used undiluted or diluted. A practical dilution is a 50% solution of auralva in DPG. Aurantiol is mainly used to make orange blossom and neroli fragrances or as part of the orange blossom component in various other fragrances. It's mainly a heart to base fragrance.


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g