Apo Patchone Coeur (IFF)

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Apo Patchone Coeur (IFF) is a fragrance for use in, for example, perfume, cosmetics and other scented products.


Apo Patchone Coeur (IFF) has a scent reminiscent of leather first, then a hint of celery. IFF itself describes it as lilac, rose and geranium. In itself it can go well with those scents, but the first thought is certainly a typical leather perfume. In smaller quantities, it is a very versatile substance that can add an animal touch that goes with many scents. The odor is medium strong, the product can therefore be used undiluted. It is mainly a heart note in perfumes and is stable in almost all products, including soap. Because it lends itself very well to a small animal accent, a 25 or 50% solution may be useful. Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children.


Apo Patchone Coeur (IFF) is a clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid at room temperature. The substance has a fairly long shelf life and is virtually non-existent in nature. The manufacturer is IFF.


The 10 and 50 ml packaging is made of brown glass with a black cap. The 250 g package is made of aluminum with a stopper and a white cap.


Apo Patchone Coeur (IFF) is classified as a hazardous substance, with the following characteristics: DANGER H318 - Causes serious eye damage.


Item number: 23171 EC number: 225-035-0 CAS number EU: 4621-04-9 CAS Number TSCA: 4621-04-9


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g