Alpha bisabolol (Bisabolife)

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Alfa Bisabolol (Bisabolife) is a cosmetic active ingredient and aromachemical that occurs naturally in chamomile, among other things.


Before purchasing, please read all the information below and the general product information.
Not intended for use in food or other internal use.
Do not use undiluted on the skin: it is a raw material, not a finished product.


Alfa Bisabolol (Bisabolife) is added to cosmetics as an active ingredient. Among other things, it is used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce irritation. These properties have been reasonably researched and substantiated, making it a suitable substance for use in aftershave, for example.

Please note: the fact that it can reduce irritation in the usage concentration does not alter the fact that it can cause an allergic skin reaction, certainly pure or in a higher concentration.

You only need a little alpha Bisabolol in a cream or lotion: 12 to 20 drops per 100 grams is sufficient. You can mix the active ingredient with both oil and water phases, but mixing it afterwards with an emulsion is also possible.

You can possibly use more when used as an aromachemical, it has a fresh, slightly spicy scent. It is somewhat reminiscent of the freshness of chamomile and goes very well with ambers, citrus and herbs.


Alfa Bisabolol (Bisabolife) is a colourless to slightly yellow liquid at room temperature. The substance has a fairly long shelf life: store in a cool, dry, dark place and in well-closed packaging. Manufacturer of the product is the Swiss Givaudan, the name Bisabolife is their brand name.


The alpha Bisabolol we sell has been obtained through 'white biotechnology'. A piece of the plant (enzymes, oil-producing cells) is isolated and cultured for use in a factory. With the help of sugar and relatively little use of energy and space, you can make vegetable substances in this way. This is considerably more sustainable than extraction from ordinary plant sources. These use a lot of land and/or cause deforestation.


The 10 and 50 ml packaging consists of a glass bottle with a black closure. The 250 g packaging consists of an aluminium bottle with cap. It can be useful to order plastic pipettes for dosing.


Alpha Bisabolol (Bisabolife) is classified as a hazardous substance, with the following characteristics:

H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction.
H411 - Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

An allergic reaction to this substance is unfortunately possible.


Article number: 10502
Dutch name: alfa Bisabolol (Bisabolife)
EC number: 208-205-9
CAS number EU: 515-69-5
CAS number TSCA: 515-69-5
FEMA number: 4666


10 ml, 50 ml, 250 g