Aldehyde C14 peach

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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Aldehyde C14 peach is a fragrance for perfumes with a subtle scent, not of the fruity juicy part of the peach, but of certain aspects of the skin of the peach. peach It is intended to be mixed with other fragrances to form a pleasant fragrance composition On its own it is not a fragrance composition and cannot be used as the sole fragrance in shampoo for example. The name aldehyde C14 suggests that this is an aldehyde, but it is not at all. The name is due to the battle that manufacturers of new fragrances waged with each other in the first half of the 20th century. By calling the substance an aldehyde, the competition had no direct clue where to look. That is why it is often added ""So Called"": supposedly, no real aldehyde. A better, but less used name is gamma undecalactone. Aldehyde C14 is a liquid, you will also come across the name peach aldehyde. If you smell the substance pure, you need a lot of imagination to get that peach scent out. If you dilute the substance you will understand: it is indeed reminiscent of the smell of peaches in a fruit basket, especially the smell of their skins, nevertheless some practice is necessary to learn to use this substance properly. The fragrance is used for a fruity effect in floral scents and for fruit scent, especially peach and apricot. The substance is above all a top note. Aldehyde C14 does not have a strong odor, but nevertheless very little is really needed - the fragrance comes into its own when diluted. A solution of 10% in alcohol is the most convenient in practice. In soap it is difficult to bring out the scent. Aldehyde C14 is harmless to humans, but environmentally hazardous. Einec's number: 203-225-4 CAS number: 104-67-6 FEMA number: 3091


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