Cassie absolute

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Cassie absolute is a fragrance extract for use in, for example, perfume, cosmetics, and air fresheners.


Cassie absolute has a green spicy floral scent reminiscent of the blossoms of acacia and hawthorn. The smell is not very strong, so it can be used undiluted. Typical use is in flower accords such as lilac, broom, hawthorn and mimosa. You usually use between 0,1% and 5% of this substance in the fragrance composition. In addition, it lends itself to a natural accent in various floral scents such as magnolia, lily of the valley, tuberose and violet. It is mainly a base note in perfumes and fairly stable in many products.

Keep cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children.


Cassie absolute is a light yellow to green-brown liquid or solid at room temperature: the absolute melts at room temperature. It has a fairly long shelf life. It is an absolute, an extract that is made with certain solvents, such as hexane or alcohol. These solvents are removed as best as possible from the extract, but some alcohol may be left in it. The fragrance comes from the flowers of Acacia farnesiana (L.) Wild., a shrub or small tree that occurs in many countries that are not too cold and too dry. The plant has had several other botanical names over time, a newer name Vachellia farnesiana (L.) Wight et Arn. is used nowadays more often and often. The confusion with mimosa is also not uncommon.

Like any plant extract, this one is a mixture of various substances. An indication of the composition is the following:

5-10% - Benzyl Alcohol, Methyl Salicylate
1-2% - Anise alcohol, Farnesol, Geraniol


The 1 and 5 gram packaging is made of brown glass with a black cap. The 20 g pack is made of aluminium with a white cap.


Cassie absolute is classified as a hazardous substance, with the following characteristics:

H317 - May cause an allergic skin reaction.
H361 - Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.
H411 - Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

It contains various allergenic substances such as benzyl alcohol and geraniol.


Item number: 22418
Dutch name: Cassie absolue
EC number: 289-655-3
CAS Number EU: 89958-31-6
CAS Number TSCA: 8023-82-3
FEMA Number: 2260
UN number: 3082


1 g, 5 g, 20 g
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