Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate

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Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is a pH enhancer and a raw material for bath products.


We primarily sell this substance for use in bath bombs and sparkling bath salts. In combination with an acid (citric acid, for example) and water, it releases carbon dioxide. If you also use some surfactant (such as SCI) you get a bath full of soap bubbles. Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is further used to adjust the pH of cosmetics. For this, a solution is usually first made in water of, for example, 10%. Drip this solution until the pH has reached the desired level. Outside of cosmetic use, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is used as a source of carbon dioxide, for a slight increase in pH or as a component of buffer solutions. Like soda, it can be used for various cleaning chores and is, in comparison, somewhat milder and less strong. Many of our customers have been using this product satisfactorily in a pond or aquarium for years. We cannot guarantee that this product is suitable in all cases, we leave it to our customers to assess this. De Hekserij does not sell products that are intended for use in food or for other internal use. This product is NOT an exception. Store it cool, dry, dark and out of reach of children.


Sodium bicarbonate is a fine crystal powder that can contain or form lumps. The purity is at least 99% and the substance has a long shelf life, if stored dry. You could think of Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate as the milder brother of soda. It is a carbonic acid salt of sodium. It is known by many names, such as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, and bicarbonate of soda.


Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is a mineral substance. It is endogenous to humans and many other animals. It occurs naturally in salt and salt water and is only harmful in very high concentrations for organisms living there. For use in cosmetics, it is made from soda. Soda is extracted by mining, but as a rule it is a by-product of the chlorine industry. Its sustainability is therefore limited: at a certain point, the mineral raw materials on which it is based, run out or are no longer easy to extract.


The 250 g and 1 kg packages are white plastic (PP) jars. The 5 kg package consists of two LDPE bags with plastic binders. The 25 kg packaging is the original factory packaging, which may consist of paper and / or plastic, which differs from time to time. We add an extra bag of LDPE to the factory packaging for protection.


Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is not classified as a hazardous substance (REACH / CLP). It is also advisable to handle all substances safely and keep them out of reach of children.


Article number 13005 Dutch name: Natriumbicarbonaat EC number: 205-633-8 CAS number EU: 144-55-8 CAS number TSCA: 144-55-8 INCI: Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate


250 g, 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg
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