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Wool fat anhydrous

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Wool fat is the skin fat of sheep that is extracted from the wool by washing. It is also called lanolin. We avoid that name lanolin, because this name also used for mixtures of wool grease and other substances.

Wool fat is the skin fat of sheep and therefore resembles our skin fat. It is for that reason a very good substance in creams and ointments. There are also disadvantages: some people are allergic to certain natural ingredients from wool grease. Furthermore, it has a scent that not everyone appreciates.

Although it is a completely natural substance and no animals are killed for it, it is, like for example beeswax, an animal substance. If you do not want to use animal materials, you cannot use wool grease.

Our wool grease is very pure and contains no or at most a very small amount of pesticides, which is well below the value allowed for cosmetics. These pesticides are used to keep the sheep free from pests. For this reason, it is wise to only use wool grease that is expressly suitable for cosmetics.

No antioxidant has been added to our wool grease.

INCI: Lanolin


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