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Detergent (SLES) Hx

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"This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors.Detergent (SLES) Hx is a surfactant, a cleaning agent for use in, for example, shampoo, shower gel and similar products.


Detergent (SLES) Hx can be used alone or in combination with other surfactants, such as Betaine (CAPB) Hx. The use is very simple: mix with the other ingredients of the formula and ready, no heating is necessary. If the formula contains substances that do not mix well with water (such as preservatives, perfume), it can be useful to mix them with the surfactants first and then add the water.

Usually a combination of surfactants is used in a product, because each surfactant has different advantages and disadvantages. Detergent (SLES) Hx, for example, foams well and has a very good cleaning capacity. Another property is that Detergent (SLES) Hx 'thickens' when ordinary table salt is added to a solution of it (its viscosity increases). This is useful when dosing and it also meets the expectations of many users of shampoo and shower gel.

As a rule, you use 5 to 35 grams of Detergent (SLES) Hx per 100 grams of end product. The pH of Detergent (SLES) Hx is between 6.0 and 8.0 but it can be used in a wider pH range: 3-11. Usually it is therefore not necessary to adjust the pH of the shower gel, unless this is necessary for other reasons, for example because of preservation.


Detergent (SLES) Hx is a pale yellow to yellow viscous liquid at room temperature. The detergent concentration is about 30%. The material has a fairly long shelf life: keep in a cool, dry, dark and well-closed container.

To prevent and limit the growth of fungi and bacteria, the solution is preserved with 0.01% Bronopol. This is a very effective preservative, with one drawback: it should not be used with amide-based surfactants, otherwise carcinogenic substances (nitrosamines) may be formed. We do not sell such surfactants, but they may be available elsewhere. Examples of amide-based surfactants are Cocamide MEA and Cocamide DEA.

In recipes and cosmetics you will also come across the names Detergent, Foam base, sodium lauryl ether sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, usually they are the same substance and you can use Detergent (SLES) Hx in all these cases. However, do not confuse it with sodium lauryl sulfate, or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). Although related, the latter is considerably less mild.

The expiry date on delivery is usually 10-15 months, never less than four months.


Detergent (SLES) Hx is (excluding water) about 70% made from vegetable substances, mainly from palm and/or coconut oil, 25% from natural mineral salts, the remaining 5% are partly renewable synthetics . It contains no animal raw materials or derived substances. We do not consider Detergent (SLES) Hx to be a natural substance for that reason, but occasionally you still see it in 'natural' cosmetics. It is fairly biodegradable.


The 250 and 1000 ml packs are made of plastic (PET) with a black plastic (PP) cap. The larger packages (from 5 litres) are made of plastic (HDPE) with a black plastic (PP) cap. You can also order a DIN 51 Jerrycan wrench to open the 5 liter packaging. It is not suitable for larger packages.


Detergent (SLES) Hx is classified as a hazardous substance under REACH/CLP with the following warnings:

H315 - Causes skin irritation.
H318 - Causes serious eye damage.
H412 - Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Detergent (SLES) Hx does not normally cause an allergic reaction.


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