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Hair guar Hx

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Hair guar Hx is an active ingredient for use in hair cosmetics such as shampoo. Not only does it protect the hair, it also makes it easier to comb through.


Hair guar Hx is mainly used in shampoo and other products for cleaning, care and styling of hair. It is best mixed with some of the viscous, water-miscible ingredients in the formula. Think of glycerine or surfactants such as cocoglucoside. Stir well to avoid lump formation. Any small lumps usually disappear from the final product after a few days.

Heating is allowed, but only up to temperatures of 70 °C. Adjust the pH of the product to slightly acidic: 5-7. Hair guar Hx can be used with all common surfactants.

Use about 0.2-1.5% in the final product.


Hair guar Hx is a white to light yellow powder at room temperature. The scent is a light amine scent: reminiscent of fish, but in the end product you usually smell little or nothing of it. The compound has a long shelf life: store it cool, dry, dark and keep it in the tightly closed container. Keeping it dry is very important; do NOT store it in the refrigerator, condensation can cause the contents of the jar to get wet and to clump.

Hair guar Hx is positively charged. Hairs, especially damaged hair, are negatively charged. These hairs attract hair guar Hx particles like a magnet. In this way, it forms a thin layer on the hair that you do not immediately rinse off. This layer protects the hair from damage and makes it easier to comb through.


Hair guar Hx is largely made from guar gum, a vegetable product. The other ingredients are mostly mineral, animal products are not used. It is completely degradable in the environment; however, it takes a while. After 28 days, only about half is broken down. This process is of course sped up in a sewage treatment plant. Until then, it can be harmful to aquatic organisms.


Hair guar Hx is packed in white plastic (PP) jars with lid.


Hairguar Hx is classified as a hazardous substance, with the following characteristics:

H410 - Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


Article number: 10203
Dutch name: Haarguar Hx
EC number: 613-809-4
CAS number EU: 65497-29-2
ADR: 9 / III
UN number: 3077


10 g, 50 g, 250 g
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