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This text has been automatically translated and may contain errors. Laureth-4 is an emulsifier for bath oil. This emulsifier makes the vegetable oil from which the bath oil is made slightly miscible with water, so that the oil does not all float on the water An additional advantage is that the bath is easier to clean afterwards Laureth-4 is very easy to use, so heating is not necessary, the emulsifier can be used cold. Laureth-4 is made from lauryl alcohol from vegetable fats, but we cannot call Laureth-4 completely natural, to improve the miscibility with water it is processed with substances from petrochemicals. It appeared under the name 'Mulsifan' in the recipes of the German TV program Hobbythek. In undiluted form, Laureth-4 is irritating and can even damage the eyes. So handle it with care. In the end use it is so strongly diluted that little or nothing is left of this irritation, but just like with essential oil, for example, a concentrated raw material can be irritating or even harmful. The basic recipe is simple: mix 100 ml Laureth-4 with 900 ml vegetable oil, for example almond oil. If necessary, add about 10-20 ml of perfume oil or essential oil. INCI: Laureth-4. It comes as a liquid that can be cold mixed with oil. The liquid is almost clear translucent to milky white. Especially in the winter season it can be partly solid or contain lumps. Warming it gently in a bain marie usually solves this, otherwise: shake and strain before use. Mulsifan, better: Mulsifan CPA is a trademark of the German Zschimmer & black. Because there are several companies that make Laureth-4, our product may be made by another factory. It doesn't matter for use.


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