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Spermaceti CP

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Spermaceti CP is a vegetable raw material for creams and comparable cosmetics.


Spermaceti CP is used in the fat phase of an emulsion, such as a face cream or body lotion. It is an emollient: a substance that improves the lubricating properties of a cream. Using cetyl palmitate, the cream will spread better and more evenly over the skin. In addition, it can make a cream a bit firmer and stabilizes the emulsion. A usual dose is 2-5% in the cream.


Spermaceti CP consists of almost white greasy granules that melt at approximately 55 °C. It is an ester of cetyl alcohol and palmitic acid, both are made from vegetable oil. Because it is a wax based on unsaturated compounds, the substance is stable and is hardly affected by oxygen or UV light.

Spermaceti or cetaceum, was originally a wax that was extracted from sperm whales. The substance was very popular, because it used to be the only available compound that provided a pleasant skin feeling. Today, the cream manufacturer has a choice of hundreds of varieties of these wax esters. Nevertheless, cetyl palmitate is still one of the most popular.


We pack Spermaceti CP in LDPE (plastic) bags that are sealed. For larger packages this can also be with a reusable plastic binder.


Spermaceti CP is not a hazardous substance within the meaning of the law (REACH / CLP).


Article number: 11105
EC number: 540-10-3
CAS number: 208-736-6


50 g, 250 g, 1 kg, 5 kg