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Shea butter

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Sheabutter is a vegetable butter intended for use in cosmetics.


Before purchasing, please read all the information below and the general product information.
Not intended for use in food or other internal use.


Shea butter, also known as karité, is mainly used in creams and ointments. It makes creams firmer: in lotions you usually do not use more than 2% shea butter, in a hand cream 10% is quite acceptable.
As an ointment it is very suitable for lip protection products, which can consist of more than half of sheabutter if necessary. For dry, old skin, an ointment can be more practical than a cream, but an ointment absorbs less quickly and less well.

In addition, it is a good raw material for products for the care and styling of hair, especially curly hair.


Shea butter is a yellowish white buttery substance at room temperature. The substance has a reasonably long shelf life, nevertheless we always recommend using some tocopherol (Vitamin E) in products with shea butter to extend the shelf life. It is the fat from the fruits of the shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa C.F.Gaertn.), this tree grows naturally on the savannas south of the Sahara. The butter melts at a temperature of about 40-50 °C.
We supply a limited refined variant, with 4% to 10% unsaponifiables and a lot of naturally occurring vitamins A and E.


Sheabutter is extracted from plants that grow in the dry savannas, almost exclusively in West Africa. Much is harvested 'wild', but the plantations of shea trees also grow in places that are less suitable for other agriculture, the water consumption of the tree is limited. It is completely degradable in the environment.

Especially compared to other products, this is a good choice when it comes to sustainability.


We package this in white plastic (PP) pots or buckets with lids.


Shea butter is not classified as a hazardous substance (REACH/CLP). However, we do recommend careful handling of all substances.


Article number: 11071
Dutch name: Sheabutter
EC number: 293-515-7
EU CAS number: 91080-23-8
CAS Number TSCA: 91080-23-8


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