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Neem oil (org)

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Neem oil (org) is an oil for use in cosmetics such as creams, ointments and hair oil.


Neem oil (org) was initially mainly used in Europe to combat hair lice. More and more, the oil is used in creams, lotions and other oily products for skin and hair.

Like any oil, it supports the fat layer on the skin and makes it smoother. In addition, it is said to promote the recovery of the skin after damage from dehydration and sun. It is used in, for example, after sun, anti-aging and in skin products for old and dry skin. With hair products such as hair oil, it is said to combat certain forms of dandruff and skin peeling.

The use is very simple: mix with the other fatty ingredients of the formula and you're done. For mixing, it is best to heat all fatty ingredients in a water bath until everything is melted. Stir well before further use. In an emulsion, such as a cream, it is part of a fat phase. Use up to 5% in the final product, in special cases it can be more.

De Hekserij does not sell products intended for use in foodstuffs or for other internal use.

Store in a cool, dry and dark place in a well-closed container. Keep out of reach of children.


Neem oil (org) is a yellow-brown or green-brown substance at room temperature that can be partly solid and partly liquid, because the substance melts around room temperature. The oil has a fairly long shelf life: keep cool, dry, dark and in a well-closed container.

The oil is extracted by cold pressing from the seeds of the neem tree. These trees are grown organically: no artificial fertiliser was used, and only in rare occacions pesticides are used. The oil is especially popular in Ayurvedic cosmetics, but feel free to use it in other cosmetics. Two botanical names are commonly used to refer to the oil, namely Azadirachta Indica and Melia Azadirachta.


Neem oil (org)is extracted from plants by pressing and filtration, no solvents are used. The disadvantage of this is that the method is less efficient, but the advantage is that no solvents remain in the oil. In addition, fewer solvents end up in the environment. It is not very easy, but it is completely biodegradable in the environment.


Neem oil (org) is packed in brown plastic (PET) bottles with black plastic (PP) caps.


The oil is not classified as a hazardous substance (REACH/CLP). We still recommend that you handle all raw materials with care.


Item number: 11010
Dutch name: Neemolie
EC number: 290-052-2
CAS Number EU: 90063-92-6
CAS Number TSCA: 8002-65-1


100 ml, 250 ml, 1 liter
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