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Isoamyl laurate

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Isoamyl laurate is a vegetable emollient that feels pleasant on skin and has other special properties.


It is used in creams as an emollient, which is the fat that provides protection and largely determines the spreadability. Use it as part of the fat phase, in addition to or in place of other fats.

In addition, it is a very good carrier for oily perfumes: besides isoamyl laurate, only a suitable fragrance composition is required.


Isoamyl laurate is a clear, colourless, oily liquid, almost odourless.

A special feature of this compound is that it produces creams with a particularly pleasant "light" silky soft skin feeling and excellent spreadability. This compares quite well with creams to which volatile silicone oil has been added. Compared to vegetable oil cream with isoamyl laurate, it spreads better and more pleasantly. In addition, it is more stable: it is hardly sensitive to oxygen from the air and therefore has little risk of becoming rancid.

We are not there yet, there are many other positives, we mention a few below.
  • The cream feels less greasy.
  • Also, the so-called "whitening" of a cream (that the cream when applied to the skin turns the skin white unless you continue to rub it for a long time) is less when using isoamyl laurate.
  • In make-up, the oil is very useful to evenly distribute the pigments.
  • But it is also suitable in make-up removal products: waterproof make-up dissolves in the oil.
  • Not only is it good for the skin, but also for the hair as a conditioner.


It is made entirely from vegetable raw materials extracted from grains, sugar beet and coconut oil. It is ultimately completely biodegradable in the environment.


Isoamyl laurate is packed in brown plastic (PET) bottles with a black plastic (PP) cap.


Isoamyl laurate is not classified as a hazardous substance (REACH / CLP). We also recommend that you handle all substances with care.


Article number: 11125
Dutch name: Isoamyllauraat


100 ml, 250 ml