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Coconut oil

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Coconut oil, or coconut oil, coconut fat, coconut butter... there are quite a few names for this oil! Coconut oil is usually a fat in our regions. An oil and a fat are chemically the same The difference: a fat is solid at normal temperature and an oil is liquid at normal temperature In the Netherlands the ""normal"" temperature is different than in Thailand, for example, but it is always the same product.
Coconut oil is a highly saturated oil, so it doesn't go rancid so easily. The oil has virtually no smell of its own.

Coconut oil is mainly used for dry and very dry skin. In addition, strangely enough for very oily skin and skin with acne. The latter because coconut oil is said to have a bactericidal effect. While there is indeed limited scientific evidence for this, it actually applies to all oils and fats. The bactericidal effect is caused by the free fatty acids that are present in limited quantities in each oil. In addition, coconut oil is used in styling and care products for heavy hair, especially frizzy hair. Finally, coconut oil is an important and widely used raw material for soap: it provides good cleaning, foaming soap.

De Hekserij does not sell products intended for use in foodstuffs or for other internal use. This product is NOT an exception.

Here too, because of the shelf life, we have opted for a refined oil.

Coconut oil is a vegetable oil. The INCI name is Cocos Nucifera Oil.


250 g, 1 kg