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HexaCol yellow

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HexaCol yellow is a water soluble colourant solution for use in cosmetics.


HexaCol yellow is een water soluble colourant solution which dyes products yellow. Can be used for colouring cosmetics that consist mainly of water or water micible substances. For example shampoo, alcoholic lotions and perfume. Besides that it can be used to colour bath salts.

For dying liquids just add a few drops to the product. Use as little as possible: a few drops per 100 ml liquid. A higher dose hardly extends the colour, but the risk of unwanted staining increases.

Bathsalts can be coloured by putting the salt in a jar, add a few drops HexaCol and stir. Repeat if needed, but avoid overdosing.

When making colour washes or other products that are intended to dye hair one can use higher concentrations. Note that thes products can stain! Max dose in those cases is about 20%.

This HexaCol can be mixed with other water soluble HexaCols to get different shades.

Note that the solution can stain skin, clothes and several materials ike plastics, textiles and paper. Water soluble does not mean that it can easily be rinsed away. When dilluted the staining risk is much smaller.

Shake well before use.


HexaCol yellow is, at room temperature, a yellow / orange clear liquid, sometimes with a bit of solids at the bottom of the bottle. Does not expire fast: keep cool, dry and in the original bottle.

Note that the colour in the picture may be slightly different from the real material. In use the colour is different again due to the dillution.

Though we tried to get the most UV resistant materials the colour will fade and change over time. For that reason keeping the material in the dark is key.

Acid and basic products (pH < 5 of > 8) can alter the colour as well.

Though the product is safe in use it is not tested thouroughly for stability. For that reason we do not promote professional use in cosmetics.

The maximum allowed concentration in cosmetics for this materials is about 25%; for the concentration can be slightly different from batch to batch we recommend a maximum use level of 20% HexaCol yellow.

There are no legal demands regarding the type of cosmetic this product can used in.

HexaCol is a trade name of De Hekserij.


The materials used are not toxic for people or environment. The solvent is propylene glycol, which degrades easily. The colourant itself degrades less easy. The raw materials are mainly based on petrochemicals.


HexaCol yellow is packed in brown glass bottles with a black plastic (PP) cap. Adding a few of our plastic droppers to your order makes the use of this product easier. Starting october 2022 we sell out the former packaging (transparent plastic (HDPE) bottles with insert and cap. Until sold out you can receive either type of packaging.


HexaCol yellow is not regarded dangerous. We still recommend to be cautious with any material: keep out of the reach of children.


Product code: 10781
Dutch name: HexaCol geel


10 ml, 50 ml