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HexaCol orange

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HexaCol orange is a water-soluble dye solution for use in cosmetics.


HexaCol orange is a water-soluble dye solution that colours products orange. You can use it for colouring cosmetics that mostly consist of water or water-miscible substances. Think shampoo, non-greasy lotions and perfume. You can also colour bath salts with it.

For colouring liquids, add a few drops of dye solution to the product to be coloured. Use as little as possible, a few drops per 100 ml of liquid. A higher dose hardly deepens the colour but does increase the risk of staining.

You colour bath salts by putting the salt in a bowl, adding a few drops of colouring solution and stirring the salt well. Repeat a few times if necessary. The following also applies: do not dose too high.

The exception to this dosage recommendation is when making colour rinses or other hair colouring products: a higher dosage can be used here. Keep in mind that these products can stain! The maximum dose in that case is about 20%.

This dye solution can be mixed with our other water-soluble HexaCols to obtain different colours and nuances.

Note: the solution can transfer to skin, clothes and various types of materials such as plastics, textiles and paper. Although water-soluble, that does not mean that you always get everything away by washing. In dilution this risk is much smaller.

A tip we got from a chemistry teacher: the solution can be diluted with water before use. This reduces the chance of overdosing. After all, students are more likely to use a drop more than a drop less. When diluted with water, the shelf life decreases, do not store more than a few days.

Shake before use.


HexaCol orange is a red, clear solution at room temperature with sometimes a cloudiness at the bottom of the bottle. The material has a fairly long shelf life: keep in a cool, dry, dark and well-closed container.

The colour in the photo may be distorted: in reality it may appear different. The colour of the final product is different due to the dilution that is applied.

Although we have done our best to select dyes that are as light stable as possible, the colour may change over time. In particular, dark storage of both the raw material and the end products can limit this.

Also quite acidic or basic products (pH < 5 or > 8) can affect the colour.

Although the product is safe to use, it has not been extensively tested for stability. For this reason, we do not recommend using this product for professional cosmetic applications.

The maximum permitted concentration in cosmetics of this substance has not been established by law; under no circumstances do we recommend using more than 20% HexaCol orange in any product. There are also no legal restrictions on the type of product in which this dye solution may be used.

HexaCol is a trade name of De Hekserij.


The substances used are non-toxic to humans and the environment. The solvent is prolylene glycol which breaks down easily, the dye itself does not break down easily. The starting materials are largely unsustainable, ie they come from fossil materials such as petroleum and natural gas.


HexaCol orange is packed in brown glass bottles with a black plastic (PP) cap. Adding a few of our plastic droppers to your order makes the use of this product easier. Starting october 2022 we sell out the former packaging (transparent plastic (HDPE) bottles with insert and cap. Until sold out you can receive either type of packaging.


HexaCol orange is not classified as a hazardous substance. Nevertheless, we recommend that you handle all substances with care: keep out of the reach of children.


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Dutch name: HexaCol oranje


10 ml, 50 ml