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HexaCol oil green

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HexaCol oil green is an oil and fat miscible colorant solution for use in cosmetics such as bath oil.


Use this for coloring oil and other water-immiscible substances: for example fats and fat esters. Not suitable for coloring water and water miscible products such as glycerine and soap.

Specially intended for coloring bath oil and the like. It is not intended for make-up: it will only moderately color the skin.

Use as little as possible: for 100 ml of oil, 2-5 drops are sufficient, that is about 0.1-0.2 ml. We recommend the use of disposable plastic pipettes for dosing.

There are no special restrictions for use in cosmetics: may be used in all products.


HexaCol oil green is a solution of a solid dye in isopropyl myristate. The color is a dark green, tending to blue. The product gives stains that are difficult to remove on the skin (in undiluted or insufficiently diluted form). It can also stain clothing, wood and various other surfaces.

Does not mix with water, so also not with the water-soluble HexaCol varieties.

HexaCol is a trade name of De Hekserij.


HexaCol oil green is made of approximately 75% renewable, vegetable raw materials, such as vegetable oil. For the rest of products from the petrochemical industry. It is reasonably degradable in the environment and not harmful to aquatic organisms.


The packaging consists of a glass bottle with a black plastic (PP) closure.


HexaCol oil green is not classified as a hazardous substance (REACH / CLP). Nevertheless, we recommend that you also handle this substance with care.


Item number: 10791
English name: HexaCol oil green


10 ml, 50 ml
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