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Correspondence course legal aspects of cosmetics

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This distance course is only available in Dutch. This correspondence course teaches you which laws and regulations apply when producing or importing cosmetics. We discuss the law and describe the consequences.

The (Dutch) text will be published for free later in 2022.

The course is intended for anyone who wants to make or import cosmetics, intended for sale or professional use. Because setting up a company that makes cosmetics for sale often depends on regulations, this is the best starting point for anyone considering this. Even if you only plan on making and selling just a few jars of all-natural cream, the law applies if you want to sell it, give it away, and probably use it in your salon.

The costs that you have to incur before you can start selling cosmetics are usually considerable, the small investment in this course prevents you from declaring money at the wrong business or at the wrong time.

This course was completely revised in 2012 and adapted to the major changes that took place recently (in particular in the period up to and including June 2013) in cosmetics legislation. Since few substantial changes have been made to the law in the subsequent period, the course is still up to date.

The course consists of:
- a syllabus.
- 2 months support by email.

Although we don't know why, in the past a number of different customers have independently assumed that the syllabus is an attractively designed, beautifully bound book, which is a jewel for the coffee table. It's not, it's a practical bundle of leaves with a cover around it. We are only concerned here with the content and not with the form. If you expect something different, this product is probably not for you.