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Educational set making cream

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This set is only available in Dutch. A set to make cream with the class. We recommend this set for students aged 12-16. As an activity in the classroom you can fill an hour with it, depending on organization and preparation you should count on 40-60 minutes. Making cream is probably less suitable as an activity on open days, even if everything is well organized, making the cream will easily take 20 minutes; weighing and stirring takes time.

The set contains all raw materials, packaging and materials, but in addition the following items are needed:
  • A water bath. This can be improvised, for example by using a hotplate with a low pan with water on it. A double wall is not necessary, provided the water can be kept at a temperature of about 75 °C. The cream jar in which the cream is packaged can be filled with the things that need to be melted and this jar can be kept in this water for a while.
  • A kettle.
  • Tap water.
  • A balance (scale) with a resolution of 0,2 grams at a range of 50 grams (or better).
In particular, the capacity of the water bath (or water baths) determines how long it will take to make the cream. Ideally, the students will each have a spot near a water bath at their disposal and several balances and kettles are recommended.

The set contains all raw materials, packaging (jars) and materials to mix, such as measuring cups, pipettes and spoons. In addition, a worksheet for student and teacher. We supply this set for groups of 12, 35 or 100 people with the following contents:
12 people 35 people 105 people
10306-4 HexaCon 91 10 ml 1 0 0
10306-6 HexaCon 91 50 ml 1 1 2
10413-6 E-wax 50 g 1 0 2
10413-8 E-wax 250g 1 1 1
11001-7 Almond oil 100 ml 1 0 1
11001-8 Almond oil 250 ml 0 1 2
11120-6 Cetyl alcohol 50 g 1 1 0
11120-8 Cetyl alcohol 250 g 0 0 1
14049-1 Ointment jar white 35 ml 13 38 105
14901-1 Ointment spatula white, or wooden spatula 13 38 105
30054-1 Measuring cup 100 ml one-time 13 38 105
30107-1 Measuring spoon plastic 2.5 ml 2 3 5
30110-1 Plastic dropper 3 ml 15 40 110
Instruction teacher 1 1 1
Worksheet 1 1 1
A conscious choice has been made for single-use materials so that no use has to be made of beakers and other items that are used for other practicals. This prevents any toxic substances from ending up in the cream.


12 persons, 35 persons, 100 persons