Cosmetics raw material

Magnesium sulfate

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Magnesium sulfate is a cosmetic raw material, for example for use in oily creams or bath salt.


Magnesium sulfate is mainly used as a bath salt base. Mix it with, for example, some HexaCol (water soluble!) in a container or bag to give it colour. A fragrance can also be added by adding a perfume oil or other fragrance mixture.

In addition, it is a common addition to W/O creams, making the emulsion more stable. In that case, add it to the water phase, a concentration of, for example, 0.7% in the cream is usually sufficient.

Many of our customers have been using this product satisfactorily in a pond or aquarium for years. We cannot guarantee that this product is suitable in all cases, we leave it to our customers to assess this.

The Hekserij does not sell products that are intended for use in food or for other internal use. This product is NOT an exception.


Magnesium sulfate is a compound of magnesium. In addition, the following names are used: Epson salt (incorrect name), sulfuric magnesia and salt. It has been attributed several properties that would make it good for the skin, unfortunately insufficient evidence is available to back up this claim.


Up to and including the 1 kg unit, we use white plastic (PP) jars with a lid. The 5 kg packaging is in plastic (LDPE). The 25 kg is in the original packaging of the supplier: the bag, the shape and material may vary.


Magnesium sulfate is not a dangerous substance according to the law (REACH / CLP). We recommend that you always handle substances with care and keep them out of reach of children.


Article number: 13006
INCI: Magnesium Sulfate.


250 g, 1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg