Calendula oil

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Calendula oil is a plant extract that is used in cosmetics, for example in creams.


Calendula oil can be mixed with most fatty ingredients. In ointments and oils like lip balm, body butter, massage oil and beard oil, you don't need to do anything more than that. In creams, it is a component of the fat phase.

Normal use is about 2-10% in the finished product. On the other hand: you can use up to 100% if necessary, there are no limitations from the point of view of technology, skin care and safety.


Calendula oil is a yellow to orange oily liquid at room temperature. The compound has a long shelf life: store it cool, dry, dark and keep it in the well-closed packaging.

Calendula oil is a macerate (a certain type of extract) from marigold flowers in soybean oil. Calendula comes from the botanical name of the marigold: Calendula officinalis L. There is also a calendula essential oil and even a fatty oil, make sure you know which one to use. If used in cosmetic formulas, you can assume that "calendula oil" almost always refers to macerate.

In cosmetics, marigold extracts are used for the following, among others:
- Support in healing wounds
- Support in inhibiting inflammation in the skin
- Good for acne
- Good for sensitive skin
Please note: these are not medical claims, it is highly questionable whether, given the limited research that has been done on them, that would be a reasonable claim.

Our calendula oil is stabilized with vegetable Vitamin E, making it less sensitive to the effect of oxygen from the air. The odour and colour can vary greatly per batch, as with so many natural products.


Calendula oil is made entirely from renewable, vegetable substances. It is not easily, however completely biodegradable in the environment.


We pack this product in brown plastic (PET) bottles that are closed with a black plastic (PP) cap.


Calendula is not a hazardous substance under REACH / CLP legislation.


Article number: 10560
Dutch name: Calendulaolie


100 ml, 250 ml, 1 liter