Aluminium chlorohydrate 50%

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Aluminium Chlorohydrate 50% is an active ingredient for use in cosmetics. It is used in deodorants and antiperspirants.


The simplest application is a deodorant in a bottle with an atomiser attachment, in which case mix aluminum chlorohydrate 50% with the other water-soluble ingredients. Usually no more than that is needed. With a roller, a thickener is often used, such as xanthan, then a little more work is needed, follow the formulation.

In a cream: use the active ingredient in the water phase. Use about 10-50% in the final product, which will then contain 5-25% aluminum chlorohydrate.

In March 2020, the SCCS, an EU scientific committee that provides advice on consumer product safety, issued an opinion on aluminum-containing substances in cosmetics. Based on this advice, we recommend not to exceed the following percentages:

  • Use up to 50% aluminum chlorohydrate 50% in antiperspirants for sprayers
  • In other antiperspirants (rollers, for example) use up to 30% aluminum chlorohydrate 50%


Aluminum chlorohydrate 50% is a cloudy white to pale yellow liquid at room temperature. It consists of a solution of aluminum chlorohydrate in water. The material has a fairly long shelf life: keep in a cool, dry, dark and well-closed container.

Like other aluminum-based deodorants, it works twofold:

  • It lowers the pH, which prevents the growth of micro-organisms, which cause part of the odor
  • It forms a kind of plugs in the sweat ducts, so that less sweat is released
It has been the standard solution for deodorants since the middle of the last century because it has the pleasant property that the pH cannot or can hardly be lowered at a certain point. Other aluminum compounds, such as alum, further lower the pH if you dose higher. This can lead to irritation and even damage to skin and clothes.


The raw materials are mineral: aluminum and chlorine compounds such as alum and table salt. Such raw materials are common and can be extracted more or less sustainably. Unfortunately for our product we do not know what kind it is made of. These mineral compounds are not degradable, but also not harmful to the environment, they belong naturally in water and soil. No environmental damage is therefore to be expected during normal use.


This product is packaged in brown plastic (PET) bottles with black plastic (PP) caps.


Aluminum chlorohydrate 50% is not classified as a hazardous substance. Nevertheless, we recommend that you handle it with care, some irritation to skin and eyes cannot be ruled out. Keep out of the reach of children.


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