De Hekserij will move in 2023 and 2024 (so two times), which will occasionally have consequences for customers and suppliers.


Since August 2023 we work at a temporary location The new building is finished on the outside, the builders are now working on inside (walls, electricity, heating), all according to the scedule.


(subject to change)

June – July 2023 – Adjustments to temporary building
August 2023 – First move (to temporary building)
August – september 2023 – Demolition
September 2023 – Foundation
October 2023 – December 2023 – Assembly and structural work
January 2024 – March 2024 – Phase-out
April 2024 – Second move (to new building)


Around the relocations we will be more or less closed for 1-2 weeks, we will not or not always be able to send orders or receive goods. Email and the like: will be responded to, but perhaps less quickly than usual. Ordering: is possible, but the delivery time may be longer. Outside these two small periods of actual relocation we expect to provide service as usual.


The building where we have been for 12 years had become too small and was already outdated. It is demolished and a larger, newer, energy-efficient building as been built on the same site. We get twice as much space. Because it was being built in the same place, we moved temporarily to another building nearby. The visiting address* currently is:

De Hekserij
Veldoven 1-3
8271 RT IJsselmuiden

* Here too, visits by customers are in principle not possible or useful, you cannot pick up anything, view anything, or ask for advice. The ‘old’ address does not change and remains the billing address, official address, etc..

For suppliers: when ordering, we indicate the location to which delivery is to be made. It may be that we ask for orders with a longer delivery time to be delivered to the other address around the move, or to hold the order for 1-2 weeks. Delivery only takes place at Spoorstraat 57 or Veldoven 1-3!