Dishwashing liquid recipes

A simple hand dishwashing liquid is easy to make yourself. In many ways it resembles a shampoo, liquid “soap” and other liquids that lather nicely with water and rub. Please note: hand dishwashing liquid, it is not intended for the dishwasher, it requires a more aggressive agent that foams less and the necessary additives such as a rinse aid and a machine protector. Water and greasy deposits do not mix, fat repels water. That is why it is difficult to remove grease and encrusted dirt with water alone. Dishwashing liquid (and soap, washing powder, shampoo, etc.) ensures that the water is less easily repelled by the fat so that it can reach it better. In addition, dishwashing liquid ensures that the fat mixes a little with water so that it can be rinsed away.

Simple hand dishwashing liquid

A simple recipe for a simple hand dishwashing liquid.


  • 50 ml fresh tap water
  • 40 ml Detergent (SLES) Hx [10102]
  • 10ml Betaine (CAPB) Hx [10101]
  • 20 drops (± 1 ml) HexaCon 91 [10306]
  • A few grams of Sodium Chloride [13012]
  • 10 drops (± 0.5 ml) Dihydromyrcenol [23024]
  • Plastic pipette 1 ml
  • HENRI bottle 100 ml
  • HENRI valve cap


Mix Detergent, Betaine, HexaCon 91 and Dihydromyrcenol together in the HENRI bottle. Put the valve cap on and shake well. Then add the water. Put the cap back on and shake well again so that everything is mixed.

It may be good right away, but for a more viscous dishwashing detergent you can add some sodium chloride. Shake well after adding and repeat if desired. Do not add too much sodium chloride, then it will not thicken, but it will become thinner again.

The simple hand dishwashing liquid usually has a shelf life of 1 to 2 months.


Feel free to experiment with other scents such as EO Orange Sweet CP. Keep in mind that some may give the food utensils an unsuitable odour. HexaCol (the water-soluble types) can be used to colour the detergent, yellow or orange, for example.

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