National VAT on product prices

From 1 July 2021, our customers will pay national VAT on their products. Until June 2021 they paid the Dutch VAT.

Most important consequences

The most important consequence is that the price for a product including VAT can now be different in each country. Depending on the country to which we send the goods, the VAT rules of that country apply. For example, a product that costs € 2,00 without VAT may be listed on the website for € 2,50 in Sweden and for € 2,34 in Luxembourg.

Changes in the website

The webshop tries to determine as accurately as possible in which country the ordering person is. The prices are shown based on this information. However, the final calculation takes place on the basis of the country to which the order is sent. It is therefore unfortunately always possible that the prices end up higher (or lower), because only then we know for sure which VAT rate should be applied.

We are exploring to see if we can further improve this method.


The reason is partly because we are making more and more turnover and therefore fall under different VAT rules, and partly because of changes in the VAT regulations themselves.

Intra communal supplies

In many cases, we are allowed to deliver to companies in the EU without charging VAT. If this (possibly) applies to you: send us an email and ask for information about IC deliveries. Do this well before placing your order.

Deliveries outside the EU

For deliveries outside the EU we do not have to charge VAT. However, there are costs for preparing export documentation and it is possible that duties and taxes are charged by customs upon import. Orders for delivery outside the EU can only be placed by email.