Cosmetisch Haarwater abroad

Our product Cosmetisch Haarwater can only be delivered to a few countries. That includes the perfume sets they are part of.

Which ?

Cosmetisch haarwater and the sets it is part of can only be delivered to:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany

Why ?

Though the European Union has made it much easier to trade between the countries of the EU there still are some differences. One of them is the difference in taxes (excise) on ethanol, the main part of Cosmetisch Haarwater and most western perfumes. It is also part of alcoholic beverages and there is a high tax levied on these products. However, there is quite some difference among EU countries regarding these taxes and regarding national legislation.

So ?

You can order this product and the sets in our webshop because the shop is not smart enough to prevent you from doing that. However: we check all orders and in case we find it for shipping to another country we will either drop it from the order of cancel it. When dropping we refund payment, for sets that is in general a percentage of the total cost.

Much better: be smarter than our webshop and make sure not to order Cosmetisch Haarwater or sets it is part of when you want it to be shipped to other countries that the ones mentioned above.

Alternatives ?

In some countries it is hardly impossible to purchase a suitable alcoholic perfume base, but in general you can try this:


Make sure to purchase undenatured or special denatured alcohol with at least 90% strength. It should be (almost) free of scent and suitable for making perfume.

Do not purchase 70% alcohol or (normal) denatured alcohol: 70% is to low to make perfumes and denatured alcohol has a strong smell, unless it is special denatured for perfume.

Liquor and liqueur making

Shops (including online shops) that sell products for making wine and beer, but also some alcoholic beverages shops may sell strong, pure alcohol for making liquor and liqueur. Drawback is that it is quite expensive for it may be heavily taxed, but in general it is excellent for making perfume, as long as it contains at least 90% alcohol.

Do not purchase vodka or alike amost tasteless beverages, unless they have at least a 90% strength, which is at least very unlikely.

Further reading

Especially interesting for professional (small scale) perfumers we wrote this article containing more information about the issues around the use of alcohol in perfumes.