Unfortunately, the corona situation is not completely predictable and can have various consequences.

On this page we provide the most current information possible. Previous update was Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Is the delivery time longer

Every now and then the corona situation results in longer lead times. There have been various causes for this, from corona cases among our own staff to scarcity of various products, from working less efficiently to be able to work safely to longer delivery times to us due to lock downs elsewhere in the world. On our delivery time page we provide the most up-to-date information about this.

Will my order still be shipped if I order now

Yes, and within the EU the lead time is as usual.

What happens if my order cannot be shipped

Your order will remain and will be processed as soon as it is possible. If it takes too long: you can ask us to cancel the order and we will refund you.

What happens if I want to send a return but that’s not possible at the time

We will be lenient with returns that cannot take place in time due to corona restrictions. Still make sure to request returns in time via email!

Is there a shortage of certain products

There are shortcomings here and there. In addition, the lead time of our suppliers is often longer than usual. We solve this where possible by keeping larger stocks. If a product is not available for a longer period of time, we will indicate this in the webshop.

Because there is a shortage of certain product packaging, we may (temporarily) have to use different packaging for certain products, although this has hardly been necessary until now. Some of the packaging that we sell in the webshop may become less readily available. Unfortunately, this situation can continue well into 2022.

How can I make a disinfecting gel

Unfortunately, we have no knowledge of (formal) medical products. We do however have a gel former that can thicken alcohol-water mixtures, namely HPM cellulose. Still we do not recommend to make your own medical products.