ADR shipments

Some of the products we sell must be shipped as ADR shipments.


ADR is a European treaty that regulates the transport of dangerous goods by road. Certain products that we sell fall under the scope of this treaty. This means that we have to transport packages containing these products in a certain way. This has certain consequences.


Your right to return does not change, but you probably cannot legally return a package containing hazardous substances. This is because (as far as we know) there is no carrier that offers these services to private persons. Companies and schools could hire such a company, but if it is a one-off, this would not work out. Moreover, the company’s staff must be trained before they are allowed to pack and present ADR shipments.

Therefore, assume that returning ADR substances will not be possible in practice.

Not all countries

We cannot ship ADR goods to Greece, Cyprus and Malta. Outside the EU we can send ADR goods to a limited number of countries.

Delivery time

Delivery time may be longer for Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and also for islands that are only accessible by boat.

Delivery location

Although in our experience it happens very rarely, it cannot be excluded that an ADR shipment cannot be delivered to your chosen pickup location. It may also be the case that, if a parcel needs to be picked up because it could not be delivered to you, you will not be able to go to the nearest pick-up location.

Again: this problem occurs only rarely.

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